In 1996, EMI released 4CD Box set "Four Originals" of various artists (Hollies, Manfred Mann, etc).
The contents of this series, four original album on CD in miniature paper sleeve with booklet.
"Four Bonzo Dog Originals" contains "Gorilla", "The Doughnut . . .", "Tadpoles" and "Keynsham".
And booklet is edited from initial two album's addition. Also it contains liner note and advert pictures.
The paper sleeves are like original covers. But unfortunately "Keynsham" is not gatefold cover and doesn't attach
foil sheet and "Tadpoles" is not die-cut cover. Though "The Doughnut . . ." is reproduced as original.
All tracks are re-mastered again by Stereo, slightly different from "Cornology". Absolutely better quality than former CDs.
Note) "The Doughnut . . ." & "Tadpole" both listings are same as UK releases. Different from other CD releases (US version).

再現された紙ジャケだが、残念なことに 「ケインシャム」は見開きではないし、銀紙の表紙でもない。「タッドポールズ」にいたっても穴あきジャケットは再現されていない。「ドーナット」は見開きが再現されているのだが…。

Release Date: 16 February 1996

This Box Contains Four
Original Album In
Miniature Sleeves With
Booklet Containing Story
And Photographs
Disc 1 "Gorilla"
1. Cool Britannia
2. Equestrian statue
3. Jollity Farm
4. I left my heart in San Francisco
5. Look out there's a monster coming
6. Jazz delicious hot disgusting cold
7. Death cab for cutie
8. Narcissus
9. Intro and the outro
10. Mickey's son and daughter
11. Big shot
12. Music for the head ballet
13. Piggy bank love
14. I'm bored
15. Sound of music

Disc 2 "The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse"
1. We are normal
2. Postcard
3. Beautiful Zelda
4. Can blue men sing the whites
5. Hello Mabel
6. Kama Sutra
7. Humanoid boogie
8. Trouser press
9. My pink half of the drainpipe
10. Rockaliser baby
11. Rhinocratic oaths
12. Eleven mustachioed daughters
Disc 3 "Tadpoles"
1. Hunting tigers out in Indiah
2. Shirt
3. Tubas in the moonlight
4. Dr Jazz
5. Monster mash
6. I'm the urban spaceman
7. Ali Baba's camel
8. Laughing blues
9. By a waterfall
10. Mr Apollo
11. Canyons of your mind

Disc 4 "Keynsham"
1. You done my brain in
2. Keynsham
3. Quiet talks and summer walks
4. Tent
5. We were wrong
6. Joke shop man
7. Bride stripped bare by Bachelors
8. Look at me I'm wonderful
9. What do you do
10. Mr Slater's parrot
11. Sport (The odd boy)
12. I want to be with you
13. Noises for the leg
14. Busted