Side One

Side Two

The Worst Is Yet To Come
Written by Roger McGough. Neil Innes and Andy Roberts

Blackest Of Blues
Written by Roger McGough and Andy Roberts

Where Am I Now
Written by Roger McGough and Andy Roberts

House Of The Rising Sun
Written by Roger McGough and Neil Innes

Sing Me That Song
Written by Dave Richards

Wiggle Waggle
Written by Grimms (Trad. Arr.)

Written by John Gorman. Roger McGough. Neil Innes.
Andy Roberts. Dave Richards and John Megginson
The Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow
Written by Roger McGough and Neil Innes

Randy Raquel
Written by Neil Innes

Written by Roger McGough and Andy Roberts

Written by John Gorman and Dave Richards

Slaves Of Freedom
Written by Neil Innes

Bluebird Morning
Written by Andy Roberts

Plenty Of Time
Written by Neil Innes

Grimms are: John Gorman, Roger McGough, Neil Innes, Andy Roberts,
Dave Richards, John Megginson, Timmy Donnell.
Produced by Peter Jenner and Grimms for Oak Records Limited.
Recorded at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall. Engineered by Jerry Boys.
Special thanks to Zoot Money and Timmy Donnell.
Design: Ray Gautier, Phototraphs: Dick Polak.

Publishers: Andy Roberts, Burdock River Music; Roger McGough and John Gorman,
Chrysalis Music; Dave Richards, Dick James Music; Neil Innes, Copyright Control.

Second Press?? another catalogue number exists

DJLPS 470 (First pressing?)
I noticed odd things about this record... why two catalogue numbers exist on same release.
It is merely hypothesis... another one is re-pressing instead first pressing record. Why DJM did...
Let's suppose it is DJLPS 470 due to number of cover spine. The reason of modify is the record has unacceptable fault. I guess it is pressing error. I saw some mis-pressed records under same number, even worth it has pop noise by surface unevenness. Probably there are lots of bad press on initial. So DJM decided to replace for good quality, they needs to distinguish from noisy one.
It seems different factory made (see label ranks).

DJF 20470
(but NO. on sleeve is DJLPS 470 )

Sticker on cover
(Catalogue number  DJLPS 470 on spine.)
カバーの番号から最初の盤はDJLPS 470だろう。これが何らかの理由のよりレコード番号を差し替え、または最初のものと区別する必要が出たのではないだろうか…。私はその理由を大量にプレス不良が出た為だと思われる。サンプル数がそれほど多くないので恐縮だが、左のレーベルのものは音溝に小さなでこぼこが数箇所見られノイズが出てしまうものがある。この盤に限って同じ状態のものを数枚見ているので決して偶然ではないと思う。結果、DJMはプレスを他の工場でやり直し(レーベル面の凹凸からスタンパーが違う)、最初の盤を回収していたかもしれない。カバーについては印刷をやり直さず、ステッカーを貼って区別している。