A - GO - GO
A Reissue of "How Sweet To BE An Idiot"
Same listing
Side One Side Two
1.PROLOGUE (Neil Innes) 0.50
2.MOMMA BEE (Neil Innes) 2.52
3.IMMORTAL INVISIBLE (Neil Innes) 4.10
4.TOPLESS-A-GO-GO (Neil Innes) 4.14
5.FEEL NO SHAME (Neil Innes) 6.23

All songs are published by Unite Artists
1.HOW SWEET TO BE AN IDIOT (Neil Innes) 2.49
2.DREAM (Neil Innes) 3.08
3.L'AMOUR PERDU (Neil Innes) 2.14
4.SONG FOR YVONNE (Neil Innes) 2.56
5.THIS LOVE OF OURS (Neil Innes) 3.03
6.SINGING A SONG IS EASY (Neil Innes) 5.17