Monty Python's Previous Record -1972 -

UK: Charisma Records/CAS1063
US: Buddah Records/0598.

UK version came with inner sleeve crediting Neil with "Yangtse Music" and "Fairytale Music"( side 2 track 4 and track 9 ). The liner notes by "Mrs. Enid Dibley" also incorrectly credit Neil with the song "Puppet On A String".

The Monty Python Matching Tie & Handkerchief - 1973 -

UK: Charisma Records/CAS1080 - included 2 insert sheets
US: Arista Records/AL4039 - included inner sleeve ( same as UK inserts )
Arista Cassette: C-123288 : 8-Track Tape: S-123288

"Music by Neil Innes" - specifically "A Background To History: Part IV" ....other musicians include: Zoot Money.( It may be the Grimms Band ).

MP1.jpg (39580 バイト)Monty Python Live At Drury Lane - 1974 -

UK: Charisma Records/CLASS4 Stereo

Neil's picture appears on the back sleeve ( singing "How Sweet To Be An Idiot")

Neil appears on these tracks:

side 1 : Track 6 "Idiot Song" (aka "How Sweet To Be An Idiot" - piano & vocals)
side 2 : Track 2 "Bruces" (aka "The Bruces Philosphers Song"- guitar & vocals)
Track 5 "Election Special" ( as Sir Kevin Phillips Bong sings: "Climb Every Mountain" )
Track 6 "Lumberjack Song" ( piano and vocals )

The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- 1975 -

UK: Charisma Records/CAS1103
US: Arista Records/AL4050
Arista Cassette: 5301-4050-H, 8-Track Tape: GRT-4050-H

Neil is credited as "Songs By".....these include: "Camelot Song" & "The Ballad of Brave Sir Robin". Neil also composed, and plays, the slushy organ music heard at the end of the film...omitted from this album.

MP2.jpg (28019 バイト)Monty Python Live At City Center - 1976 -

US: Arista Records/AL4073
(also released as a DJ-Version with the rude words bleeped out)

Neil appear on:

Side 1:  Track 3 "Short Blues" (guitar/vocals)
Track 9 " Bruce's Song" (guitar/vocals)
Side 2: Track 3 "Protest Song" (guitar/harmonica/vocals)
Track 9 "Lumberjack Song" (piano/vocals)

Another Monty Python Record/Monty Python's Previous Record - 1976 -

US: Kama Sutra Records/KSBS 2611-2

Double album, with gatefold sleeve. Material is same as originally produced.

The Worst/Best...Monty Python - 1976 -

US: Buddah Records/ BDS-5656-2

Double Record Set, Re-Issue of "Another Monty Python Record" & "Monty Python's Previous Record" - same material as originally released.

Gatefold sleeve has new artwork, not by Terry Gilliam! And an inside liner note by their U.S. Manager Nancy Lewis.

The Monty Python Instant Record Collection - 1977 -

UK: Charisma Records/CAS 1134

This came out in two version! Version one, folded out into a cube, that looked like a bunch of record jackets, when put on your shelf and came with an inner sleeve for the new record. Version two, was a single record jacket, with the inner sleeve.

A best of album, Neil appears on Side 2: Track 7 "Camelot" (from "Holy Grail").

Life Of Brian Original Soundtrack - 1978 -

UK: Warner Brothers/WBK3396
FRANCE: Warner Brothers/WBK56751
US: Warner Brothers/BSK3396
Cassette:WBMS-3396, 8-Track Tape: WBM8-3396

Although Neil does appear in the film as Morris Feinberg (The Weedy Sumarian at the Coliseum), he is not heard on this album. HOWEVER, his picture does appear on the inner sleeve! (2nd row from the left, 4th picture down).

The Monty Python Instant Record Collection - 1981 -

US: Arista Records/AL9580

Another best of album, this time to cash in on "Contractual Obligation" tracks.
Neil appears here on:
Side 1: Track 7: "Camelot" (from "Holy Grail")
Side 2: Track 4:  "Lumberjack" ( from "City Center" )

Monty Python: The Final Rip-Off - 1987 -

UK: Virgin Records/MPD1

Double Record Set, with gatefold.
Another best of album.
Neil appears on:

Side 2: Track 9 "Election Special" (from "Drury Lane")
Track 10 "Lumberjack Song" (from "Drury Lane")
Side 4: Track 2 "Bruces" (from "Drury Lane")

Monty Python Sings - 1989 -

UK: Virgin Records/MONTD1 (CD)

A collection of Python musical bits.
Neil appears on Track 18 "Knight's of the Round Table" (from "Holy Grail")

The Instant Monty Python CD Collection - 1994 -

US/UK: Virgin Records: CDBOX3-7243-8-39820-28

6 CD Set + Booklet

Neil appears on:
Disc2 : "Previous Record" & "Matching Tie"
Disc3: "Drury Lane"
Disc4: "Holy Grail"

Python On Song - 1975 -

UK: Charisma Records/MP001

2 Singles in Gatefold Sleeve

Very sought after as George Harrison produced the brand new studio version of "Lumberjack Song"

Disc 1 = "The Lumberjack Song"/"Spam"
Disc 2 = "Bruces" / "Eric the Half A Bee"

Neil appears on "Bruces" from the "Drury Lane" album.