INNES - miscellaneous appearances

Robert Calvert ( of "Hawkwind") / Captain Lockheed & His Starfighters -1971-

UK: United Artists/UAAG29507

Neil and Vivian Stanshall appear on this album.


John Entwhistle ( of The Who ) / Smash Your Head Against The Wall -1971-

UK: Decca Records/DL79183

Neil, Viv, and Keith Moon perform "Latin American Percussion" on the song "No.29 (External Youth)".

ニール、ヴィヴィアンそしてキース・ムーンがラテン・アメリカのパーカッションを「No.29 (External Youth)」で演奏。

funny1.jpg (39810 バイト)The Group / Funny Game Football... -1972-

UK: Charisma CS47_bovver.jpg (30358 バイト)

Music by Neil. Also appearance by Michael Palin and Terry Jones.


UK: Charisma CB 197 -single-
Side 1: Bovver Boys
Side 2: Piraeus Football Club/An Open Letter To George Best

Jeremy Taylor / Piece of Ground -1972-

UK: release information not available

Includes appearance by Neil and Andy Roberts.


7_mcg.jpg (140060 バイト)McGuinness Flint / Let The People Go -1972- single

UK: Blue Mountain Island BM 1005

Neil played piano 8 songs for this recording. But he didn't join Mcguinness Flint as member.
Other 2 songs are released on their compilation album "Malt Barley Blues".

ニール入りで8曲分レコーディングが行われており(このメンツで)結局ニールとジョンは脱退しLOU STONEBRIDGEが加入。 (text by SUN)

7_help.jpg (19515 バイト) Various Artists / Help Yourself -1972- single

UK: United Artists/UP35466

"Mommy Won't Be Home For Christmas" - composed by Neil Innes/Roger McGough (produced by Innes).
Side2 "Johnny B. Goode" by Space Truck & The Freight Yard Marshalls (featuring Martin Ace of the Flying Aces, Sean Tyla of Ducks Deluxe & the Helpless Elves.


Ian Whitcomb / Under The Ragtime Moon -1972-

UK: United Artists/UAS29403

Neil produced this album.


f.liver.jpg (14907 バイト)SCAFFOLD / Fresh Liver -1973- 
with gatefold sleeve

UK: Island Records/ILPS9234

Neil appears throughout the album, and is credited with playing: Bottleneck Guitar & Piano.
He co-wrote "I Remember" with Roger McGough ( Side 2/Track 8 ).

ほぼ全曲でスライドギターかピアノにて参加。また、ロジャー・マッゴーとともに「I Remember」を作曲。

Andy Roberts / Urban Cowboy -1973-

UK: Elektra Records/K42139

Neil plays guitar on this album.


umb.jpg (24618 バイト) Vivian Stanshall / Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead -1974-

UK: Warner Brothers/K56052

Neil plays: Piano, Slide Guitar, and Organ on "Zebra".


Tom Newman / Fine Old Tom -1975-

JAPAN: Virgin Records/VIP-4070
US: Antilles Records/AN7042

Neil plays on the song "Superman" (Organ and slide guitar)
CD-Re-issue features 10 Demos including "Superman', with Innes.


Brian Patten / Vanishing Trick -1976-

UK: Tangent/TGS-116

Neil as composer & arranger.


Various Artists / A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick - 1976 - live show

UK: Transatlantic Records/TRA-331

This is a live show, this forum would later become the annual "Secret Policeman's Ball", it was released on video as "Pleasure At Her Majesties", and features Monty Python, The Goodies, and Beyond The Fringe.

Neil is heard on Side 2: Track 6: "The Lumberjack Song" (piano and vocals).

「シークレット・ポリスマン」の前身となるコメディ・ショーの収録。また以前にビデオ「Pleasure At Her Majesties」としてリリースされている。

ball1.jpg (17489 バイト)Various Artists / The Secret Policeman's Ball - The Music -1979- live show

UK: Island Records/12WIP-6958
US: Island Records/IL9630

Neil plays  on Side 2: Track 1 "Spontaneous"

Neil is also given thanks on the companion album "The Secret Policeman's Ball"(ILPS9601).


otway_.jpg (25246 バイト) John Otway / Where Did I Go Right? -1979-

UK: Polydor Records/Polydor Super 2383-532

Neil produced this album.


Various Artists / Minatures -1980-

US: Caroline Records#159

Neil appears on Track 16 - "Cum On Feel The Noize" as Neil Innes & Son

No one is sure which son this is, it might be Luke.

モーガン・フィッシャー制作のコンピレーション。息子の(多分)ルークとともにスレイドの「Cum On Feel The Noize」の短編を収録。

ball2.jpg (25888 バイト)Various Artists / The Secret Policeman's Other Ball - 1981 - live show

UK: Springtime Records/HAHA6003

Neil is on Side 2: Track 4: "Song In A French Accent" ( variation of "Love Is Getting Deeper")

「Love Is Getting Deeper」のコミカル版「Song In A French Accent」をライブ収録。

ronco.jpg (26361 バイト) Various Artists / The Prince's Trust : We Are Most Amused -1981 -
2 albums in gatefold sleeve

UK: Ronco Records/RTD2067, Cassette:4C-RTD2067

A collection of British comedy, features Neil's picture on outside, and inside of sleeve.

Neil appears on
Side 3: Track 8  "Protest Song" (Live)
Side 4: Track 1  "Yangtse Kiang" ( from "Monty Python's Previous Record")

アムネスティでのライブを収録。テイク自体はワーナーブロスからのシングル「K 17182」と同じもの。

teddy.jpg (19052 バイト) Vivian Stanshall / Teddy Boys Don't Knit -1981-
with inner sleeve

UK:Charisma Records/CAS1153

Neil appears on
Side 1: 1. King Kripple / 3. Gums / 7. Ginger Geezer
Side 2: 3. Terry keeps His Clips On / 5. Every Day I Have the Blows / 10. Nouveau Riffe

also appearing on this album: Roger Ruskin-Spear, Sam Spoons, Ollie Halsall, and John Halsey.

UK: Charisma Records/CB373 -1981 - Single with picture sleeve
Side 1: Terry Keeps His Clips On
Side 2: King Kripple


Various Artists / Fundamental Frolics -1981- live charity show

UK: BBC Records/REB435, Cassette: ZCF435

Neil is on Side 2: Track 1 "Crystal Balls"

This show was also made into a video. Neil also performed "One Thing On Your Mind" and "Down That Road" as the closing song, with the entire cast.

BBCのコメディー・ショーのライブ・アルバム。この模様はビデオでも発売され、アルバム収録の「Crystal Balls」の他にも「One Thing On Your Mind」、「Down That Road」が見ることが出来る。「Down That Road」はショーのエンディングに使われ、出演者たちが総勢で歌い、マイクのコードを絡まらせるドタバタ・コントとなっている。

Various Artists / The Secret Policeman's Other Ball - The Music - 1982- live show

UK: Springtime Records/HAHA6004

Neil appears as a member of "The Secret Police" on the song "I Shall Be Released"

「I Shall Be Released」にてギターを演奏。

 Scaffold / The Scaffold Singles: A's & B's -1982-

UK: See For Miles/CM114

Neil is credited as "Anarchic piano" on "Do The Albert"

「Do The Albert」にてAnarchic(でたらめの)pianoとしてクレジット。

E_V.jpg (31869 バイト) Soundtrack / Erik The Viking -1989-

UK: Sonet Records/SNTF-1023

Neil's only released soundtrack record to date!


Various Artists / Rutles Highway Revisited -1990-

US: Shimmy Discs/Shimmy041

Cover versions of the first Rutles LP, liner notes written by Neil as a Ron Nasty interview.


c_ball.jpg (35680 バイト)Various Artists / The Complete Secret Policeman's Other Ball - 1991 - CD (live show)

AUS: Castle/ ACSCD 019

Neil is on Disk 1: Track 11: "Song In A French Accent" ( variation of "Love Is Getting Deeper")
and Disk 2: Track 9: "Apeman"( variation of "Ungawa")

The Secret Policeman's Other Ball」の完全版CD。オーストラリアでのみ発売された。未発表を収めたCD2に「Apeman (Ungawa)」を収録。

Various Artists / The Dead Parrot Society: The Best of British Comedy -1993-

US: Rhino Records / WEA 71049

Neil appears on
Track 5 "Protest Song" (Live)
Track 28 "The Lumberjack Song" (Live)
( both tracks from, "A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick" )

1976年発売の「A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick」からの再録。

The Beatles / The Beatles In Their Own Words: A Rockumentary (BOX) -1995-

US: Laserlight/Delta15968 - ( 5 discs )

This version features interviews with Neil, and most of The Bonzo Dog Band, discussing recording "Urban Spaceman" as well as the "Magical Mystery Tour" Christmas party.

In Their Own Words: The Lost Beatles Interviews US: Laserlight/Delta 12591
Paul McCartney - Beyond the Myth US: Laserligh/Delta 12594
Includes interview with Neil Innes.


Aimee Mann / I'm With Stupid -1996-

US: Geffen Records/GEF24951

Neil contributes backing vocals as "Ron Nasty".


scaff.jpg (23841 バイト)Scaffold / The Scaffold At Abbey Road 1966-1971 -1998- CD

UK: EMI/ 7243-496435-2-9

Neil is credited as: "Piano and Duck's head" on "Do The Albert".

EMIのアビーロード・シリーズのスキャホルド編。「Piano and Duck's head」と「Do The Albert」にクレジット。

Mike "Sport" Murphy / Willoughby -1999-

US: Mordam Records #342

"The Night Surrounds (to Neil Innes)" a tribute song to Neil.


mcg.jpg (93215 バイト)Mcguinness Flint / Malt Barley Blues -2002- CD

HUX HUX-029 (日本盤 VSCD-1950)

Neil appears on "Mama Mine" and "Oh My Love". He also sings and composes "Oh My Love".
He worked 8 songs with them. Left 4 songs are still unreleased by now.

ニールの参加はTRACK-13と14で13.MAMA MINE (McGUINNESS)、14.OH MY LOVE (NEIL INNES) 1971年10月25日のD.L.TSESSIONより

公式音源としては以上(1972年のシングルを含め)4曲であと4曲がまだ眠っている。(text by SUN)

AND finally......all I have is this release date, or record information....

Prima Vera / Sofint o Vere Idiot, Du er et Svin
(This is "How Sweet To Be An idiot" in NORWEGIAN! )