Dedicated to Kong who must have been a great bloke

First Published: October 1967
LP / UK: Liberty LBL83056(mono) LBS83056(stereo), US: Imperial LP-12370
reissue info see below
CD / UK: Cornology (The Intro), Four Bonzo Dog Originals, BGO CD82, US (CA): One Way S21-17370

Side 1

Side 2

COOL BRITANNIA (Trad. Stanshall/Innes)
Someone letta Freak-Out?
What do you think Reader?

Inspired by Sartre's Nausea

All the little pigs they grunt and howl; grunt howl,
grunt howl.



Herald the new age of Robots.
A plastoplastic pictopicture. Heil Humanoid.

(Stanshall, Innes, Ash, Nowell, Spear, Slater, Smith)

"....in them days, Sure I played for Al Capone.... well....
er....his brother Bottles actually (does he) Shooting?
What shooting? I was just blowing, man. All over, Illinois with Willi Windbeutel's Normal Band, remember Rudi? Chicago, Jock Strap & his band "Lippo" Memmi's Byzantine Six. I was the greatest even then. Just blowing, having a ball, what a gas, just blowing, blowing, blowing...."

DEATH-CAB FOR CUTIE (Stanshall/ Innes) Starring God.

NARCISSUS (Ethelbert Nevin OP. 13., No. 4.) A comma.

1,5,6,9,12&13 S.Bron Music Co. Ltd.
In which we are introduced.
Roger discovers the jazz in his navel & we leave it there.

MICKEY'S SON AND DAUGHTER (Lisbonna and Connor)
Nudity furnace. The electric smile. One always gets requests to do something with this number.

BIG SHOT (Stanshall)
The ultimate in adult comics.
The mythological trash world revisited. The American Paper-back. A dissertation.

"....and fling your head thru' the legs, balance, relax, again, d-e-e-p breath, and.... vanish."

Sounds Or-castrated. A teen- style rocker. Nice to hear something indecent for a change.

I'M BORED (Stanshall) So what? A heavy meal. fruit and Veg. A poem in porridge.

THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC (Roger and Hammerstein)
Did you know the Mrs. Nora Mitchell of Dagenham, Essex can make a crash-helmet out of a bra in only 2 mins. 35 secs? I've seen it 437 times, I've seen it 532 times, I've seen it, I've....

2,7,11&14 Mann Music publishers Ltd.
3 Lawrence Wright Music Ltd. 4&10 Dash Music Co. Ltd.
8 Non Copyright 15 Williamson

Dada is normal, normal is nice

Front cover

Back cover

Producer: Gerry Bron
Associate Producer: Lyn Birkbeck
Cover design and sleeve note: Vivian Stanshall
Production: Ian Butcher


By Prof. Harvey J. Satan (with additional information from: Dame Bonnie, Lady Laurie & Sir Dave Clague, RSPCA)

Whereas many bands, in the world of music go through changes as their albums progress, The Bonzos seemed to begin in the middle. When "Gorilla" was being made, they were in the midst of changing their musical stylings, their appearance, and indeed their band line-up as well!

To turn back the clock a few pages.... The Bonzo Dog Dada Band, gained notoriety around 1966,playing in British Pubs. At this point they were all fresh out of college, and playing, for the most part, traditional jazz with vaudevillian on-stage antics. They released two singles during this time: "My Brother Makes the Noises For The Talkies/ I'm Going To Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight" and "Alley Oop/Button Up Your Overcoat". Neither made them any more known.....but there were several imitators/similar acts: such as The Alberts and The Temperance Seven, which caused record executives to take notice. So in 1967,a song was recorded by studio musicians, the title "Winchester Cathedral" by The New Vaudeville Band. It was an instant hit.....even though there was no actual "Band". The Bonzos were offered the chance to be "The New Vaudeville Band".....which they flat out refused.....except Bob Kerr, whom took the bait, and some of the Bonzos ideas. (Earning him the harsh detestement of Vivian Stanshall & Legs Larry Smith). The Bad News: now The Bonzo's were being mistaken for The New Vaudeville Band.... The Good News: it caused them to venture into Rock as well as Traditional Jazz.....to meld together, and create....(sounds of thunder) "GORILLA"!!!

From beginnings to album (even during the album)....the band not only jettisoned , ousted, or simply lost members...they went through a name change too! Starting out as The Bonzo Dog Dada Band.....it was quickly changed to The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. (After members tired of explaining to the general public, what "Dada-ism" was.). This album, was the only release to use the name "Doo-Dah"....after this album, it was, is, and remains: The Bonzo Dog Band! (cue Heavenly lighting.)

And as if this were not enough, The Band were being noticed for there originality by the I.T.V., and offered the job of Musical Entertainment on the children's television show, "Do Not Adjust Your Set". The show, was slightly aimed at adults as well, and the Bonzos were given a chance to perform their music "live", and even appear in some of the sketches. The show lasted two seasons, and was not only a stepping stone for The Bonzos, but future Monty Python members: Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin & Terry Gilliam, as well as comedian David Jason (the voice of "Danger Mouse").

This album is indeed the best starting point for any excursion into The Bonzo Dog Band! The most known song is "The Into. & The Outro.", played by radio disc jockeys everywhere and used in adverts, it is a wonderfully crazy Introduction of "The Band" which features many additional members such as Roy Rogers & Adolph Hitler. The Band keeps to its roots with tracks like, "Cool Britannia", "Jollity Farm" and "Mickey's Son & Daughter". Vivian Stanshall, checks in with some wonderful impressions, as Elvis ("Death Cab For Cutie"), as Tony Bennett ("I Left My Heart In San Francisco"), and a very realistic Julie Andrews! ("The Sound Of Music"). Neil Innes does a wonderful take on 60's Pop girl groups with "Piggy Bank Love", and shows a brilliant hand with instrumentals, "Music For the Head Ballet". In what seems to be an answer to Sgt. Pepper, The Band become quite militant with "The Equestrian Statue". Keeping with their offbeat sense of humour, is the delightfully frank, "I'm Bored!", and a salute to plastic surgery, "Look Out There's A Monster Coming". Also, perhaps as a commentary, "Jazz-Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold" a lovely "group composition", in which all the lads get to strut there various talents....and occasional, non-talents.

"Gorilla" was definitely NOT your average release for 1967..... and if it shocked people, just imagine how much more shocking they were to become as The Bonzos musical interests expanded into psychedelia!! But alas...that is another donut.....


RELEASED: October 1967 as "Gorilla" by The Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band. (With booklet.)

Liberty Records (UK) - LBL-83056(mono)/LBS-83056(stereo)

Imperial Records (US)-LP-12370

RE-ISSUED: 1975 as "Gorilla" by The Bonzo Dog Band. (no booklet). (Orange sleeve)

Sunset Records (UK) - SLS50160

1980 as "Gorilla" by The Bonzo Dog Band. (no booklet). (Black sleeve)

United Artist Records (UK) - LBR1019

1993 as "Gorilla" by The Bonzo Dog Band. (CD).

One Way S21-17370

1995 as "Gorilla" by The Bonzo Dog Band. (CD).

BGO Records (UK) - CD82

(US)-LP-12370 UA LBR1019

CREDITED BAND MEMBERS: Vivian Stanshall, Neil Innes, Rodney Slater, Roger Ruskin-Spear,"Leg" Larry Smith, Sam Spoons, & Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell

UNCREDITED MUSICIAN: Dave Clague. Hired by producer Gerry Bron to fill in on bass, while Vernon was ill. Dave contributed to the following tracks:
"Equestrian Statue", "Look Out There's A Monster Coming", "The Intro & The Outro" and "Piggy Bank Love". Eventually Dave played bass as replacement for Vernon, and filled in for some of the "Do Not Adjust Your Set" episodes.

SONGS THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT ON THE ALBUM: Among the Bonzo's repertoire at this point were: "The Tiger Rag", "It Was A Great Party Until Someone Found A Hammer", "When Yuba Played The Rumba On The Tuba Down In Cuba", "I'm Glad That
I'm Bugs Bunny", "Crying In The Chapel", "Falling In Love Again", "The Craig Torso Show",  "The Laughing Blues", "A Room With A View", "High School Hermit", and "Love Is A Cylindrical Piano".

BAND MEMBERS THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT ON THE ALBUM: Bob Kerr (Trumpet), Jim Chamberlain (aka "Jim Strobes") ,Sidney "Big Sid" Nicholls (Banjo), Leon "Lenny" Williams (Trumpet), Raymond Lewitt (Tuba), and John Perry (Trombone).

THE BEATLES: The Fabs were big fans of the Bonzo's and even had them perform in "The Magical Mystery Tour". "Death Cab For Cutie" is the only song in the film, not by The Beatles. It is also a nice showcase of Bonzo lunacy.
The Bonzos also attended The Beatles fancy dress party on December 21,1967,for the cast and crew of the film. Among the musicians playing that night were, The Bonzos, The Chasers, The Symbols, The Dave Bartram Quintet, and The McPeake Family. An enthusiastic George Harrison jammed on stage with the Bonzo's, on saxophone. Neil Innes would later describe his saxophone playing as "really dreadful". Also, being a costume party,the Bonzo's dressed up too! Neil, fresh from an accident, and arriving on crutches, was Tiny Tim. Vivian Stanshall arrived wearing a clear plastic rain coat with rubber fried eggs stapled all over it. ( Presumably Vivian was The Eggman! )

BOB KERR: So angered by his shameless departure were Vivian & Legs, they took a few potshots at him on the album sleeve and booklet. On the back of the album sleeve, there is a small picture of Bob Kerr's face, with the lower half replaced by a woman's crotch. Inside the booklet, on the Sam Spoons page, Sam is seen writing out various phrases. Quite prominent among them: "I Will Not Speak To The Vaudevilles!"

THE SINGLE: "Equestrian Statue" /"The Intro. & The Outro."(Liberty-LBF-15040)

BIG SHOT: "Big Shot" does not originally appear on the US version of this album, but was added on when re-issued. (For no reason I can find). Its a very silly take on detective films and Mickey Spillane books. (added to, Side 2, after "Mickey's Son & Daughter").

ALIAS: Two members of the Band had stage names....much to everyone's shock...."Sam Spoons" was a stage name for MARTIN ASH. Less false was Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell. His real name is VERNON DUDLEY. The "Bohay-Nowell", was
Vivian's idea, to make him sound very posh! (Which it did!)

BOYS ON FILM: In 1967 the Bonzos were popular enough to warrant an appearance in a Pathe Film. (A series of newsreels shown in cinemas.). The Bonzos are shown performing, "The Equestrian Statue", with Neil dressed a little Sgt. Peppery.....also captured on film "The Head Ballet", which words cannot possibly describe! (Among the other "eccentricities" in this newsreel:
"Nurdling" and "Instant Paint On Sun Tan"...ah, the 60's!)

SCANDAL IN BONZOLANDIA!!: As if the appearance of Adolph Hitler were not enough to ruffle some feathers.... The Bonzos were pressured into re-recording "The Intro. & The Outro.". Originally among the performers was a reference to British MP Quintin Hogg. ("And Now Just Arriving, Quintin Hogg on piggy-grunt"). Mr. Hogg apparently tightened a few screws in the right places, and Vivian Stanshall, went into the studio and re-recorded it. (It is not known if any copies of the original version exist.)